About Us

Intellectual Property Lab was established as a proprietary Intellectual Property (IP) law boutique firm in August 2006. Rahul Dutta is the founder of the firm. He is a Science graduate and LL.M Gold Medallist from National Law University, Jodhpur. He is registered at Uttar Pradesh Bar Council and is a Registered Patent Agent since the year 2002. He has also got patent training from the Japan Patent Office, Tokyo. He is a regular speaker on Intellectual Property and world trade issues.

Unlocking Personalized Legal Excellence: The Advantages of Choosing a Solo Law Firm

We’re one of India’s best solo Intellectual Property Law Firms. We’ve been providing best-in-class legal services since 2006. With our expertise and dedication, we’re evolving into a business law firm. Our client-centric approach ensures personalised attention to each client and case, making us the preferred choice for all your legal needs.

Create, manage, and harness IP Assets with the best Solo IP Law Firm

Personalised Attention

We are committed to providing personalised attention that larger firms often find challenging. You can expect direct, one-on-one communication. This personalised approach ensures a deep understanding of the client’s needs and fosters a solid long-term attorney-client relationship.

Confidentiality and Trust

The confidentiality of client information is paramount. With one-person access to your confidential information, data leakage is minimal. We attempt to win clients’ trust by handling sensitive matters with the utmost discretion and fostering a secure environment for open communication and trust.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We strive for streamlined operations, translating to cost-effective legal services. Solo practitioners can offer competitive and transparent fee structures, ensuring clients receive quality representation at a reasonable professional flat fee structure.

Specialised Expertise

We specialise in specific practice areas, honing their expertise to a fine edge. Clients benefit from a solo practitioner’s focused knowledge and experience, ensuring that their legal matters are handled with precision and depth of understanding.

Nimble and Agile

We possess the agility to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances. This flexibility allows for a more responsive approach to legal challenges, with the ability to tailor strategies based on the unique aspects of each case.

Direct Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of effective legal representation. We prioritise direct and clear communication, ensuring clients are well informed at every stage of their legal journey. This transparency instils confidence and trust in the relationship.

One-Person Handling

Choosing a solo practitioner means your case is in the hands of one dedicated professional. This streamlined approach ensures we are intimately familiar with the details, promoting efficiency and a more personalised legal strategy.

Client-Centric Focus

A client-centric ethos drives us. We prioritise each client’s needs, ensuring no detail is overlooked and every concern is addressed promptly.

Patent and Trademarks Attorney Rahul Dutta